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Lighting for Aging Eyes

An Excerpt from: Lighting for Aging Eyes Published by Illuminating Engineering Society IES CG-1-09 As we age, even healthy eyes become more sensitive to glare - they require higher contrasts to see than they did when we were younger, as well as higher illumination levels. The need for higher light levels also means that control of sources of light is especially important. The recommendations included in this article are critically important if ocular diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy, affect one’s vision, or low vision aids are prescribed by an optometrist to maximize [...]

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The 5 Ls of Lighting

When choosing energy-efficient lighting, consider the 5 Ls of Lighting: Location Lumens Light Bulbs Label Law Beginning with Location, ask yourself where will I use this lightbulb? You’ll want to consider “Dimmability” and “Usage” when deciding which is the most energy-efficient bulb choice. The package will show if the light bulb is made for a dimmable fixture, and if it is for a fixture located indoors or outdoors. Next, consider Lumens. Lumens on shown on the package label and indicate the brightness of the bulb. You’ll want to ask yourself [...]

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Find all rebates now

Find all rebates now

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