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EV Charging Stations: What Businesses Need to Know

Commercial Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations are becoming ubiquitous, popping up in parking lots, theaters, retail establishments, gas stations, and more! With an increasing number of Teslas and similar electric model cars hitting the road, there are now over 66,000 public EV charging stations across the US. This surge of interest is driven by car manufacturers' commitment to developing electric vehicle offerings. Businesses can capitalize on this trend by taking advantage of incentives and rebates for commercial EV charging stations. Who Can Benefit from Commercial EV Charging Stations? Installing commercial EV charging stations can benefit various types of businesses: [...]

The Scotopic/Photopic Ratio and What It Means for Your Business

In the world of lighting, the battle between scotopic and photopic vision is one that doesn’t often make headlines, yet it governs how we perceive light each day. At Southern Lighting Services, we understand the essentials of lighting better than we know the back of our LED-lit hands. So, let’s explore the topic of scotopic vs. photopic lighting and how it affects the way we see LED lights in our everyday lives. What is Photopic Vision? Photopic vision is our eyes' version of daytime mode. It’s dominant when you're basking in the broad daylight or under bright office lights. [...]

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Find all rebates now

Find all rebates now

Find all rebates now

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At Southern Lighting Services, we’ve come up with a list of terms we believe will help broaden your overall knowledge of lighting, electrical, and signage. From A-Z. we’ve got the definitions.

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