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A sign of excellence since 1994

Southern Lighting Services has been helping businesses in North and South Carolina with the installation and maintenance of their electrical signage for nearly three decades. Our professional experience, quality workmanship, and dedication to every project keeps our commercial and industrial clients coming back to us. Equipped with top-of-the-line trucks, cranes, certified technicians, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we are the Carolina’s preferred choice for “one-call” sign installation, repairs and maintenance services.

Sign Installation

With over 25 years of experience installing commercial signs, you can trust your company’s image is in the best hands with Southern Lighting Services. Our reputation and commitment to excellence mean our signage installation techs have undergone rigorous safety and training before entering the field. With a diverse fleet of service vehicles and the latest in cutting-edge tools and technology, we have the expertise and capability to install any size or type commercial signage with precision to ensure optimal visibility. Pole signs, monument building signs, building letter signs, Southern Lighting Services is here to handle all your installation needs and deliver the results you’re looking for.

Energy Efficient Sign Solutions

Interested in upgrading your signage? As one company that does it all, Southern Lighting Services specializes in converting existing sign lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting, which results in numerous benefits with major savings as your bottom line. Contact us today to learn more about our energy-efficient sign solutions, and let’s start reducing your maintenance costs today!

Electrical Repairs for Signs

A bright and functioning sign makes a great first impression on your business. If your building sign is experiencing issues with dimming or flickering lights, or no illumination, don’t wait to address the issue. The licensed and certified experts of Southern Lighting Services can diagnose and repair all electrical issues quickly and efficiently to keep your signs shining bright and your business looking its best.

Sign Paint & Plastic Rejuvenation

With time, signs fade, crack, and get dirty. If your sign has seen better days, you may be projecting the wrong message to your prospective customers. Let a trained Southern Lighting Service sign technician bring your sign back to life with our rejuvenation services. We have the skill and manufacturing capabilities to repair or replace sign and letter faces giving your business the fresh look it deserves.

Routine Maintenance

A well-maintained sign and lighting system can increase customer traffic and establish a sense of security around your business. You can count on Southern Lighting Services to keep your investment up and running year-round. Our sign maintenance technicians will regularly inspect and service your sign keeping your repair expenses down and your sign performing at its best. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our proactive sign maintenance service.