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for 30 years

Since 1994, Southern Lighting Services has provided thousands of customers across the Carolinas with superior electrical work. Our knowledgeable and licensed electricians come equipped to handle any electrical problem your business may be experiencing, no matter the size of your underlying issue. You can count on us to provide high-quality electrical services that guarantee your business a safe electrical system that is energy-efficient and well-maintained. Check out some of the electrical services we offer our commercial properties below.

Emergency Service

Sometimes electrical systems malfunction, increasing the risk of a potential electrical hazard. Here at Southern Lighting Services, we are always just a phone call away. Our 24/7 – 365 emergency service hotline enables us to respond to your emergency promptly, at any time, ready to diagnose and neutralize any potential danger.

Underground Troubleshooting

Underground wiring faults can cause major problems for businesses. Thankfully Southern Lighting Services has the equipment and experience necessary for locating these underground faults without wasting your time or money. Our skilled electricians can help you with electrical trouble shooting, underground utility repairs, and boring services.


Are you looking to up-fit your building or place of business? Let Southern Lighting Services help you facilitate the design and modification of existing electrical systems and circuits to ensure you have enough power where you need it. Southern Lighting Services guarantees quality work done right the first time.

Energy Audit

Energy Audits

With the cost of electricity on the rise, many businesses are focused on lowering operating costs. At Southern Lighting Services, we perform energy audits to determine areas of your business that consume excessive power. Afterward, we can effectively recommend upgrades or modifications to systems such as your lighting or HVAC, saving your business power and money.

EMS (Energy Management Systems)

Southern Lighting Services can help design and implement improvements for your operations with an Emergency Management System. An EMS saves power. We can customize your EMS specifically for your needs, allowing you complete control of lighting systems, HVAC, and other electrical circuits. Our technicians can also manage, repair, and replace existing EMS systems.