Simple Maintenance Tips for Signage

As the chill of winter approaches, the days get shorter, and the nights longer. Your business signage becomes an even more vital beacon, guiding customers to your door. Here at Southern Lighting Services, we know a bright, well-maintained sign can make all the difference. So, we’ve put together a few simple maintenance tips to ensure your signage stays shining bright, even on the coldest of nights.

Keep it Clean

Snow, ice, and winter grime can obscure your sign’s visibility. Regular cleaning to remove debris and buildup is essential. Use gentle cleaning solutions and a soft cloth to prevent any damage to lighting fixtures.

Check Your Bulbs

The cold can be tough on bulbs, leading to faster burnouts. Check your signage lights regularly and replace any dim or dead bulbs immediately. Consider switching to LED bulbs if you haven’t already, for longer life and better energy efficiency.

Monitor for Damage

Winter weather can be harsh. Keep an eye out for damage from wind, ice, and snow. Addressing cracks or other wear and tear promptly can prevent bigger issues down the line.

Timely Repairs

If you notice any flickering or inconsistent lighting, it’s time for repairs. Timely fixes not only improve the look of your sign but also prevent minor problems from becoming major.

Plan for the Dark

With less daylight, your signage will be on longer. Make sure your timers are set correctly or consider installing photocell sensors that automatically turn on when it’s dark enough.

Regular Inspections

Schedule regular maintenance inspections with a professional. Southern Lighting Services can ensure all aspects of your signage lighting are in top condition.

Consider an Upgrade

Winter is the perfect time to evaluate your signage’s performance. Upgrading to more durable, energy-efficient options can reduce the need for future maintenance and provide better visibility through the winter months.

Southern Lighting Services – Brightening Your Business, No Matter the Weather

Stay ahead of the frosty curve by keeping your signage in top shape. If you need assistance with your commercial signage, whether it be, maintenance, repairs, or upgrades, Southern Lighting Services is here to help. Contact us today, and let’s make sure your sign is a shining winter welcome to your customers!

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