Light Pole Repair

Type of Service: Commercial Lighting

What was needed.

After a hurricane, a hotel in Carolina Beach, N.C., needed emergency light pole removal and repair services. The extreme conditions brought on by coastal weather subject all structures and outdoor equipment to premature deterioration and failure. Over time, the salt air had caused several light poles in the hotel parking lot to rust, which weakened the structural integrity and ultimately caused them to fall during the storm. Downed light poles can cause severe damage to property and life. The hotel needed prompt and professional service to remove and replace the light poles.

What we did.

We responded to this emergency and used our expertise and equipment to neutralize potential electrical hazards. We safely removed three downed poles from the property so the hotel could resume its normal operations. We offer welding services to repair damaged poles and installation services for new light poles. We can also repair or replace the concrete foundation of the light poles. We highly recommend our preventative maintenance services to keep your light poles in good condition year-round.

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