Krispy Kreme

Type of Service: Commercial Sign

What was needed.

Everyone recognizes the Hot Now sign of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. It’s the time-tested neon beacon that calls hungry fans to, arguably, the best doughnuts around. The Krispy Kreme brand wouldn’t be the same without that glowing sign calling out to customers so it’s of upmost importance the sign stays functional, attractive, and neon bright.

What we did.

Southern Lighting Services refurbished the neon “Hot Now” signs at a busy Krispy Kreme franchise. We rebuilt the signs from the ground up, replacing the old clear Plexiglas with a new black Plexiglas backing and a retro Krispy Kreme logo. Along with the refurbishment, we also cleaned all the existing neon glass and installed all new GTO wire, neon boots, and neon standoffs.

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The project in pictures.

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