Hanover Center

Type of Service: Commercial Electrical

What was needed.

Hanover Center is a very popular, high traffic, strip plaza style shopping center in Wilmington, NC. Featuring grocery stores, restaurants, sporting goods and specialty shops, night-time shopping is brisk. When lighting the canopied walkways after dark, lighting, safety and energy costs are always top priority. The management desired a reduction in operating costs while providing attractive, modern, and security-conscious options.

What we did.

To help this medium sized shopping center meet a goal of energy saving and energy cost reduction, Southern Lighting Services removed 73 250w metal halide walkway canopy fixtures and replaced them using Cree’s CPY series LED canopy fixture. This walkway lighting upgrade reduced power usage by 50% and greatly increased walkway light levels, providing big boosts in security and the overall look of the shopping center.

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